Ohio Local History Alliance Local Meeting Report

Hello History Friends! On Saturday, April 1st, I was fortunate enough to attend the region 1 OLHA

meeting. These meetings are held annually in all 10 state regions, with a different Society/Museum

hosting. This year, it was held at the Maumee library, with Amanda Vaughn, the new Director of the

Wolcott House as host. What a treat. 40 officers and members from Historical Societies and Museums

from all over NW Ohio were in attendance. The Ohio History Connection (formerly The Ohio Historical

Society) sent Andy Verhoff, History Fund Coordinator/Local History services as a presenter. Region 1 rep

Gary Levitt was our moderator.

The meeting opened with remarks and our speakers’ welcome. Maumee Mayor Richard Carr was on

hand to welcome us, as well. A presentation on good grant writing was given. I was able to come home

with a lot of great information to use, as well as a better understanding of how the OHC/OLHA grant

program works. After lunch, the participants broke into smaller groups. Each one was given a real-life

situation often faced by Historical Societies that needed to be solved. The solutions were then

presented to the entire assembly. My group was asked to provide 5 ways to keep track of Museum

collections. It was fun and informative to hear the ideas presented by other attendees.

During the meeting, a new region 1 rep was elected to replace Gary, as his term expires this year. Pat

Smith, from the Allen County Museum in Lima will take over her new duties in June.

The day ended with a trip to the Wolcott House. I am glad I was able to attend. A lot of networking took

place with many connections made. The annual statewide meeting will be held October in Columbus.

Our website manager will be adding several more links to Historical Societies at

The following sites have been selected to host the annual region 1 meetings over the next few years:

Fallen Timbers Site in 2018, Toledo Firefighters Museum in 2019, Tuttle Museum in Defiance in 2020,

and the Monclova Historical Society in 2021. I plan on attending and hope to learn and have as much fun

as I did this year. Submitted by: Pamela J. Mulheisen- Rohrbacher B.A. President SAHS