Cooke Kuhlman House

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Occupants 1897 until 1989: Dr.Uriah Cooke Ethel M.Kimbell/Cooke Elizabeth G. Kuhlman/Cooke, Alfred Kuhlman Marilyn Kuhlman/Enz

Dr.Cooke lived in this house from 1897 until 1942 when he passed away. He was born on January 3, 1870 near Metamora, Lucas County, Ohio to Thomas and Eleanore Cooke. His father was a native of Ireland and came to America at the age of 28, going first to Akron in 1856. Thomas and Eleanore Cooke had the following children: Uriah, Belle, George, and Margaret Cooke.

Uriah attended country schools, spent one year in high school in Sylvania, then taught for five years in various schools and entered Valparaiso University, where he graduated in science in 1893. He completed his medical studies in Toledo, graduating in 1897. That same week he received his diploma, moved to Sylvania, and opened his medical practice at 5717-5719 North Main Street in Sylvania. On September 22, 1897, he married Ethel M. Kimbell, daughter of Jasper C. and Mary E. Kimbell of Sylvania. Dr. and Mrs. Uriah Cooke had one child, a daughter, Elizabeth Grace Cooke born January 29, 1901.

Dr. Cooke was a Republican, served on the Sylvania School Board; was a doctor in Sylvania from 1897 to 1942, 45 years; and helped found Sylvania Savings Bank in 1900, serving as President from 1939-1942. He was appointed Medical Director in Sylvania for the poor in 1927 and served in this capacity till 1938. He was a member of Protected Home Circle, Sylvania Masonic Lodge, and the Methodist Episcopal Church of Sylvania along with his wife. His father, Thomas Cooke, was born in 1828 and died in 1922. Thomas Cooke was 42 years old when Uriah was born. His mother was born in 1833 and died in 1917. She was 37 years old when Uriah was born. The Cooke's owned the following properties in Sylvania: 5625-5627 Main St., 5705 Main Street, 5711-5713 Main Street, 5723 Main Street, 5761 Main Street, 6617 Maplewood Avenue, 5731 Phillips Avenue, 5733 Summit Street and 5755 Summit Street. . All properties were still owned through 1951 and after Ethel Cooke died were willed to the daughter, Elizabeth G. Cooke/Kuhlman. (Family histories of Ethel Cooke and Thomas Cooke are available at the Heritage Center in the Archival Collection.)

Elizabeth Grace Cooke/Kuhlman lived in this house from 1901, when she was born, until she died in 1989. She attended Sylvania schools and married Alfred B. Kuhlman in the home at 5717-5719 Main Street. She had one child, Marilyn Kuhlman/Enz. Mr. And Mrs. Cooke added to the house when Elizabeth was born in 1901. The only time Elizabeth Cooke/Kuhlman did not reside at 5717-5719 Main Street was the last three weeks of her life, when she was at Lake Park Nursing Home, after a fall in her home.

Alfred B. Kuhlman, husband of Elizabeth Grace Cooke/Kuhlman, was born in 1890 and was one of the founders of the Kuhlman Engineering Company (1916). He was a vice-president and electrical circuit panel designer more than forty years, retiring in 1960. He was president and chairman of the board until 1961 and remained active in management of the company until 1975. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Sylvania Savings Bank for twenty-five years and was a charter member of Highland Meadows Golf Club. He died at 5717-5719 Main Street on April 7, 1975. Both Alfred and Elizabeth Kuhlman were members of the Sylvania Congregational Church.

Some facts from the obituaries: Uriah Cooke, 72, President of Sylvania Savings Bank died in St. Vincent's Hospital after a month's illness (8 August 1942). Burial in Association Cemetery. Ethel Cooke, 76 died at 5717 North Main Street after a brief illness, (5 September 1951). Burial in Association Cemetery. Elizabeth G. Kuhlman (Cooke), 88 of North Main Street, Sylvania, died on 23 April 1989 at Lake Park Nursing Home. Survivors: her daughter, Mrs. Marilyn Enz and two grandchildren. Services at Reeb Mortuary. Family request that contributions be made to charity of donor's choice.

More Cooke Family Facts      

This is from a note in which Marilyn Kuhlman Enz tells about the death of her grandmother, Ethel Kimble Cooke.  She was the wife of Dr. Uriah Cooke.

My Grandmother died September 4th, 1951, at the age of 76. 

Grandma and I were doing dishes in the kitchen when she said she felt ill. She walked into the bedroom and she sat on the edge of the bed. As she laid her head back on the pillow she said “I’ll just rest here for a minute.” Within minutes she passed away.

Each day she and Ada Ely, her good friend, crocheted lace for pillow cases and doilies. On the lamp table, next to her chair, I saw her thread, crochet hook and lace. I wrapped it in tissue paper and it is just the way she left it.

(The thread, crochet and lace was given to the Historical Society and is part of our collection of Cooke memorabilia)