Council Meeting Notes

Town Meeting: April 2, 1838

91 votes were cast and the following officers were elected:


Pliny Lathrop

Elijah Rice

Andrew Printup

Overseers of the Poor

Elkhanah Briggs

Benjamin Joy

David White

Joel Green

Justice of Peace

Pliny Lathrop

John U. Pease


Wm. M. White


Daniel Westcott

Fence Viewers

Elkhanah Briggs

Benjamin Joy

John Harroun


Porter Kelsey

Oliver Root

Adolphus Majors

Township Expenses 1849

May 5  To tend to a pauper by the name of Ford and fetching his daughter to tend to him.        .75

May 7  To find 14 feet of board for a coffin.          .15

June  To tend to town bridge one day  .75

November  To tend to two paupers children of William Cooper.      .75

Village Expenses     Sylvania, March of 1856

Treasurer of Sylvania Township to pay Abda Dolph one Dollar for Services as Trustee

Attest, Peleg T. Clark


                Abda Dolph                Township

                Adam A Gardeneir      Trustees

Report of the Pound Committee

    Secured location for pound of P.T. Clark—May 24th., 1867. Site being situated on the west bank of Ottawa River, nearly east of P.T. Clark’s residence.

    Terms gratis so long as used for pound.

    The pound has been built and is ready for use.

    Bought of Alvinza Roberts (May 25th., 1867) 1150 ft. of boards for pound, delivered on the above site, at $10. per M –amount 11,50.

    Bought of P.T. Clark (30) thirty posts at .15 cts. --$4.50. May 25th., 1867

                J.J. Richie                }  pound

                L. Ball Glann (?)     }  comm..

April 2, 1869

Mayor   Reuben Sawyer

Treasurer  W.H. Huling

Clerk  Charles Green

Marshall  Henry Parker

Council  William Fletcher, Samuel Fletcher, W.F. Drake, Thomas Probert, William Covell,

School Board  Charles Edson, F.R. Warren, Oristin Holloway.

February 18, 1870

Purchase necessary blankets, stove, & coal to fit up Lockup comfortable for it's inmates.

March 18, 1870

Petition by R.V. Moore to place a set of Fairbanks Scales in front of his store on Ottawa Street.  (Monroe Street)

Sylvania Village Marshall

On November 2, 1872, Marshall Davis purchased from Detroit Wire Works on Woodward Avenue, 2 pairs of polished hand cuffs for $8.00, 1 pair of plated hand cuffs for $5.00, and 1 pair of Police nippers for $1.50. There was a charge of fifty cents for the agent and the total of the purchase was $15.00.

Village Expenses: Sylvania, Ohio Mar. 4, 1872

Township of Sylvania

                        To Wm. Bryan Dr.

For one years services as Clerk     40.00

To stationary Furnished                   2.50

For one years service as Librarian   5.00

                                       Total        $47.50

1876 – The following charges were placed against the Village Marshall:

  1. Drunk and not attending Council meetings.
  2. Tampering with witnesses – advising them what to say so as to clear prisoner.
  3. Advising boys to shoot firecrackers in Village and refusing to arrest same.
  4. For not prosecuting pound violations.
  5. Advising prisoner after escaping from custody he would not arrest them again.
  6. Conduct unbecoming an officer.
  7. Refusing to make reports.

Sylvania, Ohio  March 17, 1878

Sylvania Township
To John Printup
For four meals and lodging for two tramps                     $1.00

Clerk's Records

In 1881 Sylvania Township paid Jacob Decker 13 dollars out of the cemetery fund for 100 stones for numbering lots.  (This would be in Association Cemetery)

Sylvania, Ohio October 2, 1885

To the Council of the Incorporated Village of Sylvania, Lucas County, Ohio.

I posted up five notices for construction of sidewalk in front of O.H. Parker according to your orders, one at the post Office, one at the Lenardson store, one at the corner of Division St. and Ottawa St., one at the Depot and one in front of L.B. Decker's residence.

L.B. Decker, Clerk

Incorporated Village of Sylvania - Dec. 18,1889

An (unnamed Sylvania resident) appeared before the Police Justice  of Sylvania A.B. West,  This man, while in  state of intoxication, used vile, profane, and abusive language to his aged mother, and created a disturbance in the neighborhood by his disorderly and boisterous language, and put his mother in great fear and terror.

Village Expenses

1874 Benjamin Bellows-Marshall, for advertising and selling impounded cow. $12.00

J.J. Ritchie repaired pump. $7.75

1873 J.J. Ritchie paid $9.60 for Blacksmithing.

1882 Miles Lathrop paid $2.50 for axle broken on Street in bad condition

Council Minutes 1891

Business men asked that Ordinance passed May 9, 1887, prohibiting the erection of wooden buildings in square number 32 should be rescinded. A limit of 10 feet high is not sufficient to erect carriage stables and other buildings necessary to our businesses. Signed: W.B. Warren , W.E. Chapple, Andrew Reger, M.E. Vesey, S.M. Judson, J.H. Parker, Clara L. Huling, E. and A. Probst

Committee reported in favor of granting this request.

An Ordinance was then passed to amend the Ordinance of May 9, 1887. Block 32-Division Street on East- Indiana on the North-Alley on West-Ottawa on South--Height to not exceed 16 feet to top of wall plate.


The Council Building was erected in 1898 by Michael Smith for just over $1300.00. The land was purchased in 1897 for $250.00 from Mr. Henry Parker.

March 17, 1905

Ordinance---that board walks were prohibited. Walks to be of cut stone or Portland Cement.

December, 1905

Cost of lighting Sylvania $360

Council Meeting 1917

The Clerk was instructed to write to Tillie Oldfield about Thistles.

November 21, 1925

Mr. Park Wagonlander, Clerk,
Sylvania Village,
Sylvania, Ohio

Dear Sir:

We would thank you to ascertain immediately the condition of the voting booths in all the precincts of your township. This Board has received numerous complaints as to the poor accommodations offered the people in the townships for voting. In some instances the booths have been reported as being unsanitary; in other instances that window-panes have been broken. These booths should be in as clean a condition as your own home.

We would also wish you to advise us immediately the exact location of every booth in your township.

We thank you to give this your immediate attention.

Yours very truly,


(The voting booths were painted red. They were on wheels and could be moved from place to place)


These were some of the things people were paid for by the Village of Sylvania in 1926.

Looking after Cory Road.

Showing where to put cinders on Stewart Rd.

Looking after washouts on McCord Rd.

Looking for a man to work in cemetery.

Looking after Rock Road. (where?)

Making out papers for man to go to infirmary.

Village Council Minutes 1938

Council issued a permit to John White to demolish a wood house, tool shed, and wood shed at 6615 Monroe St.  This old home was built in the 1860’s and was owned by George Probert from 1865 to 1874.  Franklin Hubbard was the owner from 1874 until 1880.

January 1, 1949

Mayor  William Seed

Council  Murl Boyd, E.P. Baumbaugh, Harry Burnard, Richard Campbell, Clair Cooper, Donald Holliday

Treasurer  N.J. Lochbihler

Clerk  Clayton Fischer

Marshall  Delbert Schunight