Dr. Victor Halbert Diary (1945 - 1946)


Sunday, March 25, 1945:  (VBH)

Warm - sunshine.  At cottage with the Carroll's.  Suzette and Colleen went for short swim in Devil's Lake.

Thursday, April 12, 1945:  (VBH)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt died at Warm Springs, GA.

Sunday, April 15, 1945:  (VBH)

Put in furnace gas heater.

Wednesday, April 18, 1945:  (VBH)

Received air mail letter from Frederick at Payne Field, Egypt dated 4-8-45 (#1 letter after furlough in Palestine.)

Thursday, April 19, 1945:  (VBH)

Temp 30 F at 7 a.m. - clear cool all day.  Top coats in order.  Mother and dad wrote to F.W.H.  Suzette phoned to Adrian.  Maude phoned to Indianapolis.

Saturday, April 21, 1945:  (VBH)

Weather cold, cloudy, temp. 50 at noon.  Maude preparing to go to Indianapolis to see Robert., Mary Louise, Victor and Kathleen and Lulu Hxxxxx who is staying post-operatively with Esther Rxxx who was operated on at Methodist Hospital April 14.

Sunday, April 22, 1945:  (VBH)

10 a.m. sunshine, temp 40.

Maude left Union Station in Toledo on time 1:20 a.m.  Suzette and I returned home to bed about 2 a.m.  Morning papers show Russians have entered Berlin.  Rose too late for church.  Too cool to go to lake and work.  Suzette and other girls went for horseback ride at Secor Rd. Armory.  I went to hospital and for a walk along creek with Mac.  To dinner at the Chinese restaurant.  Sprayed lawn and Suzette and I saw The Seventh Cross at the Sylvan with Spencer Tracy.  Sun. eve.  Lunch - cinnamon toast and tea.

Tuesday, April 24, 1945:  (VBH)

Periodic drizzling rain and fog.  Card from Maude telling of safe arrival in Indianapolis Sunday morning.  Suzette prepared a good dinner.

Wednesday, April 25, 1945:  (VBH)

Wound up work and left for cottage at 2:10.  Cleaned up yard, set out phlox and two blue spruce removed from Sylvania lawn.  Left lake at 7 p.m. and listened en route to opening of peace conference in San Francisco.  Suzette and I were at dinner when Mr. and Mrs. Wood from Adrian called.  Wrote card to Maude and letter to Frederick.

Thursday, April 26, 1945:  (VBH)

This is D-Day; dismal, damp, dark, dank, desultory, depressing.  Wrote Bus. Harris.  Received letters from mother at Friendship and Maude at Indianapolis.  Finished office work at 11:30 p.m.  Temp 40.  Now wish I had not turned gas into furnace so early.

Friday, April 27, 1945:  (VBH)

Temp. about 40 all day.  Cloudy.  Left at 4:30 to meet Maude expected to arrive in Toledo in Big Home train 304 at 5:25 a.m.  Train was 30 min. late.  Breakfast at Hull Dobbs House 2107 Jefferson.  Slept from ten until noon.  Finished days work at 8 p.m.  To dinner with Carroll's.  Found one restaurant closed on account of no points left to buy meats.  Ate at Kin Hong Low's on Jefferson.  Retired at midnight.  Suzette, Colleen and crowd at Paramount to hear Tommy Tucker Band.  Suzette stayed with Colleen all night.

Sunday, April 29, 1945:  (VBH)

Early light breakfast, early dinner with ham, now scarce, spring concert at Burnham.  Suzette played snare drum in band.  Obtained one plant ($2.00) of Daphne at Rasmussen's Nursery and set it out under west office window.

Monday, April 30, 1945:  (VBH)

A day of sunshine, shadows, and routine work, apparently concluded at 10 p.m. with a letter to T/Sgt. F.W. Halbert, 15125216,

Sch. Sg. 1204, A.A.F. Base

N.A.F.D. - A.T.C., A.P.A. 788

7 Postmaster, New York, NY

Tuesday, May 1, 1945:  (VBH)

Marjorie called in evening.  Mowed lawn.

Wednesday, May 2, 1945:  (VBH)

11 p.m. temp 45

Just returned from cottage - Maude and I Kem-Toned the front cottage bedroom (cream).  Heard radio news of Hitler's death, capture of Berlin by Russia, surrender of German troops in Italy to Allied troops.

Thursday, May 3, 1945:  (VBH)

Rained nearly all day - cleared off late afternoon.  V.B.H. had lumbago, stayed in bed until dinner - Spanish rice and asparagus at 29 cents per pound.  Saw fifteen patients in office between 7 and 11 p.m.

Friday, May 4, 1945:  (VBH)

10 p.m. temp 44

Intermittent rains all day.  Ate dinner at grill while Suzette picked up supper in the kitchen so as to remain at home to receive telephone call from Mr. David Wood in Adrian regarding tomorrow's Prom.

Saturday, May 5, 1945:  (Maude)

Rained all day.  This was a happy day for Suzette.  David Wood came on the 3:50 bus.  We had a good dinner.  David and Sue left at 7:40 for two cocktail parties, one at Sue Olander's, the other at Louann Dowling's, then to Prom at the Secor.  Vic has been busy all day and evening.

Sunday, May 6, 1945:  (VBH)

Sunday - sun shone all day.  Temperature at 10 p.m. was 55.

Heard Rev. Gans at Congregational church.  Mother stayed home because Suzette and David had gotten in at 3 a.m. from Junior Prom and required late breakfast.  Mother and I visited Marjorie in Toledo.  Wrote to Robert regarding means to improve his health and Victor's.

Monday, May 7, 1945:  (VBH)

Temp at 10 p.m. 55 - fair until this evening, heavy downpour of rain.  Maude did laundry work so Cleo can go ahead with house cleaning tomorrow.  Radio rumors of war's end in Europe persist all day but no such official news yet.

Tuesday, May 8, 1945:  (VBH)

Tuesday all day windy and cold enough for top-coat.

V-E Day or end of war in Europe.

Received letter from Robert saying he had passed army physical.

In Toledo - bought ticket to go Friday to Friendship, NY to spend Sun., May 13 Mother's Day with mother at Uncle Will Brown's.

Mother and Cleo cleaned basement.

Wednesday, May 9, 1945:  (VBH)

Temp 10 p.m. 44

Maude, Cleo and I were at cottage all day.  Worked inside, cleaned, painted back bedroom, chest of drawers, refrigerator, shelf over stove, laundry hamper and wardrobe and small chest of drawers.  Left home about 9:30 a.m. and arrived back home at 9:30 p.m.  Fire in cottage heater all day.  Enjoyed two good meals - somehow meals taste good at the lake when we are working.

Thursday, May 10, 1945:  (VBH)

10 a.m. temp 33, snow and rain.

Friday, May 11, 1945:  (Maude)

7 a.m. temp 34.

Vic left for Friendship, NY to spend Sunday with his mother.  I had my permanent.  Marjorie came out for supper.  Suzette went to Adrian with Jim and Colleen to the Sub Deb dance.  She wore her white formal and looked sweet.  She will stay until Saturday p.m. at David's home.  Marg and I went to Toledo and saw good picture.  Marjorie stayed all night with me.

Saturday, May 12, 1945:  (Maude)

Sat. temp at 7:30 a.m. 41.

Raining, dark, lonesome for Vic.

Marjorie left on the 7:30 bus.  The sun came out in the late afternoon.  Mary and Colleen drove me to Cook's to get the flowers for the church.  David drove Suzette home with David Colbath and a girlfriend.  Jim and Colleen came.  They all went to the frozen custard.  I went to Mary's for an hour.

Sunday, May 13, 1945 - Mothers Day:  (Maude)

Suzette and I went to church.  Mary Oechsler came to call.  Gave Mac a bath.  Suzy and I took flowers to Ethel LaDow, then had our dinner at the Douglas grill.  I phoned Bob & Mary.  Victor is better.  Sue and I went to bed at 10:30.

Monday, May 14, 1945:  (Maude)

Temp 46 - raining at 7:30 a.m.

Cleaned Vic's desk.

Helen Collins, Mart & Dorene Cotterman were here for supper.  Suzette went to show.

Tuesday, May 15, 1945:  (Maude)

Vic came home from Friendship, N.Y. at 1:45 a.m.

Cleo and I cleaned both offices and did the washing.

Suzette and I went to the Mother & Daughter dinner at the church.  Rained most of the day.

Wednesday, May 16, 1945:  (Maude)

Raining hard.  Suzette did not go to school.

Thursday, May 17, 1945:  (VBH)

11 p.m. temp 43

Has rained hard all day.  Creek is nearly up to bridge on Harroun Rd.  Office hours from 7 p.m. finished 11 p.m.  Saw twenty patients in that time (twice too many for their good and mine).

Friday, May 18, 1945:  (VBH)

All day - temp 50

V.B.H. is sixty years old today.

Rain of last month seems to have subsided.

Saturday, May 19, 1945:  (VBH)

10 p.m. temp 55

Clear and cool day.  Meat and poultry in market very scarce.  All food prices especially for vegetables high.  In dry goods stores, yard goods, practically unobtainable.

Sunday, May 20, 1945:  (VBH)

Pleasant - temp. about 60 midday.

Maude, Suzette and V.B.H. took sandwiches and did a number of odd, minor but essential tasks in the cottage.  Back home at 11 p.m. in bed, one-half hour and called to Richard Sxxxxxxxx #2 A.B.

Monday, May 21, 1945:  (VBH)

Monday - fair and warmer.  80 in shade this afternoon.

Maude and V.B.H. called on Dr. and Mrs. Teloh at Maumee this evening - they have a fine six-months old boy.

Tuesday, May 22, 1945:  (VBH)

Midnight temp 55.

Maude and V.B.H. wrote letter to Fredrick.  Maude at Flower club party - Oechsler's this eve.

Wednesday, May 23, 1945:  (VBH)

Weather fair - temp about 55 all day.  Letter to mother at Friendship, N.Y.

Thursday, May 24, 1945:  (VBH)

10 p.m. temp 55.

Weather fair.  Put upstairs storm sash in storage and installed pair of screens.  Maude and Cleo drove to lake to clean cottage.  Good letter from Robert - all well there.