Dr. Victor Halbert Diary (1945 - 1946)


Friday, May 25, 1945:  (VBH)

Light rain during night.  Partly cloudy with temp 60 to 70 during day.  Suzette with other Burnham High School juniors waited tables for Senior Banquet in evening.

Saturday, May 26, 1945:  (VBH)

Temperature in the seventies all day fair here.

Suzette and girlfriends shopping in Toledo.  About 5 p.m. Suzette and I drove to the cottage - took Donna Lou Kohler and joined Maude for dinner with Carroll's and Moscoe's at opening of yacht club.  Red sunset and light sprinkle of rain.

Sunday, May 27, 1945:  (VBH)

Sunday at the cottage.  Out of bed at 10 a.m.  Trimmed shrubbery and mowed lawn.  Marjorie Halbert and V. Eichstadt called.  Returned home at 7 p.m. so that Donna and Suzette could attend the Burnham High baccalaureate.  Temp at 10 p.m. exactly 70 - light sprinkle of rain.  Wrote to Frederick.

Monday, May 28, 1945:  (VBH)

Monday - fair - temp in seventies.  Maude and I attended Booster Club dinner at High School cafeteria and then to see Going My Way' for a second time.  Letter from Frederick dated May 18 - he is still stationed in Egypt.

Tuesday, May 29, 1945:  (VBH)

Tuesday - sunshine and shadow day - rain threatened.  Temp at 10 p.m. 56 - gas in furnace going.  Finished work of putting up screens - mowed lawn.  Maude and Suzette at Burnham Commencement this eve.

Wednesday, May 30, 1945;  (VBH)

Temp 8 a.m. 42 - 10 p.m. 50

Suzette took her part as a snare drummer with the High School band in the local Memorial Day parade.  Made two morning calls and worked rest of day at the desk.

Thursday, May 31, 1945:  (VBH)

Letter from F.W.H. written 5/24 in Egypt received today.

Last day of school for Suzette - Suzette went to Adrian High commencement.

Maude baked a huckleberry pie for dinner - something worth mentioning these war days.  With late cold spring and steadily declining food stocks, and war, I predict the world will not be well fed this coming winter.

Friday, June 1, 1945:  (VBH)

Suzette and girls took supplies to lake.  Maude wrote F.W.H.  Received package from him containing Masonic gavel, two Arab caps, two bottles perfume, 2 strings of beads, one belt.

Saturday, June 2, 1945:  (VBH)

Heavy downpour of rain with hail about 4 p.m.  Streets filled with water to curbs.  Suzette and her girl gang at the cottage on Devils Lake, Michigan for a week.

Sunday, June 3, 1945:  (VBH)

Cold, dark, rainy, dreary.  Childrens" Day' at the Congregational Church.  Maude and I stayed home and painted porch furniture in the basement.  Chuck and Mary at our house for kitchen supper.'  Day temperature beginning at 43, ended at 43.

Monday, June 4, 1945:  (VBH)

Letter from Frederick in Egypt dated May 29.  Wrote to him this evening.  Mother shopped in Toledo this afternoon - bought new living room curtains - Dotted Swiss' - now hard to find and high in price.  I met her at 7 p.m. for dinner at Zimmerman's.

Tuesday, June 5, 1945:  (VBH)

Maude went to Garden Club at Hazel Cosgrove's home.  Letter from Mary Louise - all okay there.

Wednesday, June 6, 1945:  (VBH)

Maude went with Carroll's to the lake and found Suzette and the girls having a grand time despite cold spring weather - then out for dinner at some tea house while I worked with the stork.  Lxxxx case, breech extraction, continuous caudal anesthesia at Toledo Hospital - girl - good condition and no complications.

Thursday, June 7, 1945:  (VBH)

Maude present for dessert bridge party given by Pilgrim Guild at residence of Helen Rothfuss.  Routine work for V.B.H.  Bought $25 bond for V.L.H.

Friday, June 8, 1945:  (VBH)

Maude wrote note to F.W.H. and enclosed Suzette's lake letter.  Steak for dinner - hurrah!  Then went scouting around for flowering plants.

Saturday, June 9, 1945:  (VBH)

Mostly cloudy all day.  Suzette returned with her house party from Devils Lake.  Chandler crew began work on eave-troughing - heavy rains, sudden onset of and long continued cold wave last winter split horizontal conductor pipe on east side of house wide open for at least three feet.

Sunday, June 10, 1945:  (VBH)

Maude and V.B.H. heard good sermon by Rev. Gans.  At 5 p.m. rode with Carroll's to the lake to take in sailboats, get pump going, clean out refrigerator, mow lawn.  Suzette to movie while we were at lake.

Monday, June 11, 1945:  (Maude)

Rained very hard in afternoon.  Joe Brennen and Sue went to see picture in Toledo.  Vic had O.B. case in Toledo Hospital home 7 a.m.

Tuesday, June 12, 1945:  (Maude)

Suzette & Cleo washed the clothes, dried nicely.  V.B. had O.B. case (Laura Hxxxxxxxx).

Wednesday, June 13, 1945:  (Maude)

Maude, Suzette, MacTavish (the Scottie) and V.B.H. drove to Devils Lake Michigan in late afternoon, had supper en route.  In living room and dining room drapes removed and dotted Swiss curtains put up.

Thursday, June 14, 1945:  (VBH)

V.B.H. returned for 7 to 10 p.m. evening office hours.

Friday, June 15, 1945:  (VBH)

Worthington Guild - a group of women from Sylvania Congregational Church spent the day at the cottage.  I reached the cottage after their departure.  This is Fred's and Marj's wedding anniversary - I think the fifth - Fred mailed paid money order for $5 from Cairo for which we ordered roses and forget-me-nots delivered to Marjorie with the card he sent.

Saturday, June 16, 1945:  (VBH)

Maude, Suzette, V.B.H. at the cottage.  David & Sue went to dance.

Sunday, June 17, 1945:  (VBH)

Sun - cold - rain.  11 p.m. temp in Sylvania 53.  Home from lake at 9 p.m.  Had wood fire all day.

Monday, June 18, 1945:  (VBH)

Pleasant, moonlit evening.  Lawns look good from so  much rain.

Tuesday, June 19, 1945:  (Maude)

Letter from Freddie.  Suzette & Cleo washed and put woolens away for summer and worked in the garden in the evening.

Wednesday, June 20, 1945:  (Maude)

Vic and I went to Toledo in a.m. had lunch at Commodore Perry.  Took Ruthie's wedding gift to her in the evening.

Thursday, June 21, 1945:  (Maude)

Wrote Freddie, had my hair washed.  Vic busy.

Friday, June 22, 1945:  (Maude)

Vic, Sue and I left for the cottage at six p.m., had dinner in Adrian.  Arrived at lake in time for Suzette to take a sail in her boat.

Saturday, June 23, 1945:  (Maude)

At the cottage weather warm and beautiful.

Vic and I went for a swim.  Sue and Dave went to the dance.

Sunday, June 24, 1945:  (Maude)

Hot.  Still at the cottage - beautiful day.

Monday, June 25, 1945:  (Maude)

Arrived home from lake at 9 a.m.

Tuesday, June 26, 1945:  (VBH)

Very beautiful day.  Marguerite Shively brought 12 qts. good quality late strawberries at $4.50 (37 ½ cents per qt.).  Early rains and hailstorms nearly wiped out first, early, local crop.

Wednesday, June 27, 1945:  (VBH)

Suzette and V.B.H. went to city in afternoon.  Left 18 pints strawberries in frozen food locker, bought Suzette one white dress and mother (Maude) a musical make-up box which was a belated Mother's Day gift.

Thursday, June 28, 1945:  (VBH)

Out of an old mirror crate, built sand-box for the grandchildren in basement this morning.  Expect to take it to the lake for them Sunday next.

Friday, June 29, 1945:  (VBH)

Frank Strohl funeral this afternoon.  Sent flowers, scalloped corn, coffee cake.  Maude assisted at Geo. Wilson home preparing lunch for Strohl family.  Suzette getting clothes ready for the lake season.  V.B.H. worked as usual.  Sprinkle of rain about 8 p.m. en route to Centennial Quarry to see Suzette swim.

Saturday, June 30, 1945:  (Maude)

Suzette drove me to the Colony to shop.  Found little food.

Sue went to dinner at Smith's & show with eight girls.

Sunday, July 1, 1945:  (Maude)

Vic, Sue, Maxine & I went to the lake at 9:30 a.m.  Bob & family at the cottage.  They arrived Saturday a.m. at 2.  We spent a happy day with them.  Victor & Kathleen are well & enjoying the lake.

Monday, July 2, 1945:  (Maude)

Vic very busy today.  I washed, made butter, worked in the yard.  We had pancakes and ham for supper.  Suzette will be at the cottage for two weeks.

Tuesday, July 3, 1945:  (VBH)

Marjorie came out for dinner and to stay all night.  Day fair and cool.

Wednesday, July 4, 1945:  (VBH)

Maude, Marjorie and V.B.H. at cottage from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.  Enjoyed celebrating Victor Leane Halbert's 4th birthday.  Mother prepared grand food.  All seemed to have a good time.

Thursday, July 5, 1945:  (VBH)

11 p.m. temp after light rain 65.  Warm during the day.  Coal bin richer by 4 tons and 80 lbs. of Pochohontas today.

Friday, July 6, 1945:  (VBH)

Maude shopped alone in Toledo.  Received letter from Frederick.

Saturday, July 7, 1945:  (VBH)

Maude created a cherry pie, a perfect pie; wartime shortage of sugar and pickers make this worth recording.  Maude wrote to Frederick.

Sunday, July 8, 1945:  (VBH)

Called at 4 a.m. to be ready for O.B. case (Mrs. Walter Hxxxxx) at Toledo Hospital.  Back home and breakfast with Maude about 9:30 a.m.  Red raspberries for breakfast (64 cents per qt.).  Maude and V.B.H. picked up B' Oechsler and her daughter Mary and went to Ottawa Park near Toledo Hospital for our Congregational Church outdoor service and picnic potluck dinner.  Rev. Herbert C. Gans - pastor.  Saw Helen Hxxxxxxx at Toledo Hospital.  Ralph Oechsler played golf.  Robert, Mary L. & Victor came in from Devils Lake at 7:30 p.m. - left at 11:30 p.m.

Monday, July 9, 1945:  (VBH)

Partial eclipse of sun here at 8 a.m.

Tuesday, July 10, 1945:  (VBH)

Bob and Suzette down from lake in time for breakfast of fruit juice, scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee.  Carl's second boy arrived 12:35 p.m.  Maude, Bob & V.B.H. in Toledo - bought Robert fifty dollar brown suit - had Bob's chest X-rayed at Dr. Goodrich's office - favorable report.  Carroll, Holliday, Beveridge, Moscoe and Lochbihler left for Manistonlin (sp?) Island, Canada this p.m.  Maude returned to cottage with Bob and Suzette.  I am here alone.

Wednesday, July 11, 1945:  (VBH)

Maude and V.B.H. just returned from cottage.  Mrs. Strohl rode back with us because it is too cold at the lake.  Suzette remained with Robert's folk at the cottage - took her bicycle when I went up this afternoon.

Friday, July 13, 1945:  (VBH)

Busy all day - no bad luck.

Saturday, July 14, 1945:  (VBH)

When Maude and V.B.H. arrived at the cottage about 5 p.m. found it had rained more at the lake.  Had dinner with Robert, Mary Louise, Suzette, Kathleen, Victor.  About 7:30 Robert's family left by Ford car for Indianapolis, completing two weeks at cottage.  Expected to go by Hudson and Bryan and arrive about 7 hours later.

Sunday, July 15, 1945:  (VBH)

V.B.H. just back from lake where it rained last night and all day until sundown.  Enjoyed good rest, relaxation and meals with Maude and Suzette.  Called on Ernie Philips late evening and drove home.  Left Maude and Suzette at cottage.  Required heat in cottage all day.

Monday, July 16, 1945:  (VBH)

Breakfast at home alone - two shredded wheat biscuits with milk and honey, one cup of coffee.  Have tried to practice medicine, get meals, wash dishes, et cetera.  No one here but V.B.H.  Wrote Frederick.

Tuesday, July 17, 1945:  (VBH)

Very busy especially evening office hours 7 to 11.  Met Dr. Whittaker (Frank); entered Fred Mxxxxx in Toledo Hospital room 778.

Wednesday, July 18, 1945:  (VBH)

Wound up quite a day and drove to lake in time for evening meal and good night's rest.  Saw very little of Suzette who as always is very busy having a good time - today horseback riding, bicycling to Addison, and dancing with David Wood.

Thursday, July 19, 1945:  (VBH)

Morning alarm at 6 o'clock - drove to Sylvania in 48 minutes - made coffee and fried a bit of ham.  Then to hospital in Toledo at 7:55 for Fred Mxxxxx surgery.  Received bread and butter' letter from Robert in Indianapolis.  Canada fishing gang arrived yesterday afternoon, reported cold rainy weather and poor fishing for larger varieties.

Friday, July 20, 1945:  (VBH)

Cleo put up 24 pints of sauce from harvest apples - a short bushel of defective ones - Bill Foist usually has good apples.  Hollyhocks grow high this season - and what also - corn poor - recall warm March weather and cold which followed.  6:30 p.m. - too pooped' out for dinner (Sally Howland invited) so, slept until after eight; then, prepared my own dinner.

Saturday, July 21, 1945:  (VBH)

Morning - mowed lawn.  Afternoon - delivered Mariam Wxxxxxxxx third baby - dinner at Marjorie's, evening drove to lake.

Sunday, July 22, 1945:  (VBH)

4:30 a.m. drove from lake to Toledo  Hospital for second Exxxxx baby case.  Returned to cottage for breakfast at 9 (after swim with Maude).  Another late afternoon swim - chicken dinner; rest, reading.  Saw little of Suzette - she is pleasure bent - hope she never gets pleasure broke'.  Weather same but warmer.  Cool, quiet nights at lake make for good sleeping.

Monday, July 23, 1945:  (VBH)

Home from lake at 10 a.m.  Received letter from F.W.H. dated 7/13/45.