Dr. Victor Halbert Diary (1945 - 1946)

Halbert Family Photos


Halberts Home on Erie and Main

 The Halbert's Sylvania home was located at the corner of Main and Erie.  Unfortunatlely, it was destroyed by fire in December 2009.

Halberts Family

The Halberts: Dr. Halbert, his wife Maude, and daughter Suzette.


A picture taken on the high school bridge of Suzette Halbert and Colleen Carroll with the
men they would marry -- Colleen with Gene Fenstemacher and Suzette with Gene Smith.
Dr. Halbert's son Frederick, in Egypt during WWII.
Suzette and her best friend Colleen Carroll (now Colleen
Fenstemacher, lives on Central Park Dr.), in the yard of
the house at Main & Erie.
Grandfather and granddaughter, Victor and Victoria.  (Suzette's daughter).
Victor and two of his granddaughters, Vicki Smith and Jennifer Smith (Suzette's daughters)
at the wedding of his grandson John Halbert in Denver, CO a few years before Victor died.
Dr. Halbert in his late 80's, receiving his 50-year Masonic ring and service award.