Where's That?

By Gaye Gindy


In the summer of 1977 a local Sylvania historian by the name of Kathryn M. Keller wrote a series of articles for the Sylvania Sentinel titled "Sylvania Chronicle - Where's That?" In these articles Mrs. Keller took the names of places that once existed in Sylvania, and the surrounding areas, and briefly explained where they used to be located. This list is very helpful for those interested in Sylvania's past. (The additions in parenthesis were added by Gaye Gindy to update some of the locations).

Kathryn M. Keller wrote many history articles for the Sylvania Sentinel over the years, from the late 1940's thru the 1980's. She died at the age of 86 years old in 2000. According to her obituary notice she was born Kathryn M. Miller and was the daughter of Herman M. Miller of Dorr St. and Secor Road. In 1940 she married Gordon Keller, the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Keller of Sylvania-Metamora Road. She was a graduate of Ursline Academy and Teachers College in Toledo and Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Mrs. Keller taught grade school several years at St. Thomas Aquinas School and the former St. Teresa's School. â—¦Mrs. Keller served as supervisor of art in the Adams Township schools; â—¦During the 1950's and 1960's she authored Ohio Cues, a newsletter that gave many school children their first Ohio history lessons. She did this with the help of the Maumee Valley Historical Society. She was on the editorial board of the Northwest Ohio Quarterly, a historical society publication that examined local history. â—¦She gave talks, wrote numerous local history articles for The Blade, Sylvania Sentinel and national publications. She wrote Lucas County tour guides and led bus tours up and down the Maumee River. Mrs. Keller provided historical summaries for a series of local radio public service announcements called "Bicentennial Notes" and "Bicentennial Memories." In later years she concentrated on compiling histories about cemeteries and helping children with genealogy research. Below are the articles she wrote in 1977 for the Sylvania Sentinel: